Financial Inadmissibility

Financial Inadmissibility:

 In Canada, individuals who are unable, incapable, or unwilling to support themselves or their family members during their say in the country, as well as,  those who fail to arrange for satisfactory alternative care while in the country are considered inadmissible.

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People who wish to visit Canada must prove to immigration authorities that they have sufficient financial reserves to not only support their stay in Canada but also facilitate their travel to and from the country. This can be achieved by providing financial statements, letter of employment, bank statements, or providing any other documents that prove their ability to support themselves and/or their families financially during their stay in Canada. A letter of support from family and friends can also be included. It must be noted that anyone denied entry into Canada on the grounds of financial inadmissibility is provided an opportunity to demonstrate their financial abilities through a procedural fairness letter from IRCC. Additionally, foreign nationals may be required to provide proof that they are no longer beneficiaries of financial aid for them to be termed financially admissible.

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