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Refugee Protection

Refugees are the people who fear for their lives or safety in their country of origin, where homeland authorities are unable or unwilling to provide the proper security.  The Canadian government has been providing humanitarian aid to asylum seekers and refugees for a long time. Refugee status can be given to refugees moving into Canada, and those currently in Canada as well. Qualified refugees may register for permanent status in Canada.

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Who Qualifies For Refugee Status?

The officers who deal with applications for refugees in Canada are making decisions on claims for refugee status. IRB is an independent board that makes recommendations on immigration and refugee issues. The Immigration Board agrees on what is a Convention refugee and who is a citizen that needs protection.

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Examples of the risks that legal refugee applicants may face are torture, the risk of death and the risk of inhuman treatment. Lastly, your refugee petition would not be forwarded to the IRB if you.

"Are a recognised refugee by another country".

Already has Protected status in Canada

Arrived through the border between Canada and the United States (US)

Inadmissible to canada because of criminality and human right abuse

Previously submitted a refugee petition to IRB that was dismissed