Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) an individual becomes inadmissible for misrepresentation if they intentionally or unknowingly provide false information or withhold certain facts during the immigration process.

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Examples of misrepresentation would be :

  • Fake facts about a proposal or while referring to an official
  • Providing passports, traveling papers, or travel visas that are not legitimate
  • Deceptive educational documents (degrees, diplomas, transcripts)
  • Fabricated certificates for birth, marriage, divorce, death
  • Concealing felony records and medical conditions
  • Failure to mention the existence of children or spouses and all other members of the family
  • Conceal identity or citizenship
  • Proving career experience that you may not have
  • Failure to declare that you were denied a visa to another country
  • To be or have been sponsored by a person who is considered to be inadmissible

If the misrepresentation after investigation is proven, permanent residents or foreign nationals will:

o Be issued a removal order and asked to leave Canada;

o Will be barred from applying to any immigration category for at least 5 years;

o Will have a permanent fraud record with IRCC;

o Will be charged with a crime.

Inadmissibility is a complex issue and will often require professional guidance. If you believe that you may be inadmissible to Canada, you can connect with us to discuss the options available to you.